Updated List of Items Needed for Wildlife Enrichment

Dear MacKenzie Center Friends and Volunteers,

On behalf of the wildlife team and the wildlife we would like to thank all of you whom, in the past two weeks, have donated an enormous amount of enrichment material for the captive wildlife we care for.  We have never received so many enrichment donations in such a short time!  We are thoroughly excited to ramp up our enrichment program and dive into all the new and fun experiences we can give the animals to better their daily lives.  We have already started using some of the material!

We will be continually open to donations from the original donation list.  We are pleased to say, however, that we will not be needing any more magazines, phone books, newspaper, shoes, or fire hoses for some time.  If you are still interested in donating we are especially looking for these items from our list:


Empty Wooden Spools

Large Seashells

Milk Crates

Bottles of Scents

Decoys (ex: duck)

Feather Dusters

A Large Mirror

Snake Sheds

Kiddie Pools

Dog Toy Kongs

Small Child Plastic Slide

Pool Diving Sticks and Rings

We have also added; kitty litter boxes (to be used as bath pans), or gallon sized freezer bags (for food storage)!

Thank you all so much,

The Wildlife Team

(Kyle, Kate, and Hayley)