Items needed for wildlife enrichment

Dear Friends and Volunteers,

The MacKenzie Center wildlife staff is looking to expand their enrichment items for the animals in the wildlife area. Enrichment allows animals to perform natural behaviors, permits them to be more active and increases the animals’ control over their environment. Enrichment helps satisfy both the physical and psychological needs of animals and allows them to make choices. We are looking to collect items to create new enrichment materials. Included is a list of items we are looking for. If you have any of these items please drop them off at the lodge anytime MondayFriday from 8am-4pm. If you have any questions please call (608) 635-8105. Also if anyone is able to plant extra pumpkins in their garden this year, the Fall Festival organizers would love your help. Pumpkin painting is one of the activities held at the fall festival and we are hoping to increase the amount of pumpkins we have for kids to paint this year.  Thank you for your continued support of the MacKenzie Center.

Here is a list of the items we are looking for:

Egg Cartons (no styrofoam please)

Hollowed Out Gourds

Large Pine Cones

Toilet Paper Tubes

Paper Towel Tubes


Large Balls

Bird Toys

Dog Toys

Cat Toys

Burlap Bags

Empty Wooden Spools (especially large ones)

Leather Footballs


Noise Maker/Rattles

Phone Books

Large Seashells


Bird Baths

Milk Crates

Natural Hides

Broom Heads



Fresh Herbs

Bottles of Scents/Spices

Scented Wood Chips

Sun Catchers

Old CD’s

Wind Chimes


Feather Dusters



Nature CD’s

Snake Sheds

Butcher Paper

Fire hoses

Kiddie Pools


Bags of Sand

Scratch pad or posts

Horse hair

Pool Diving Sticks and Rings

Old Bath Towels

Old Hand Towels

Wooden Ladders

Laundry Baskets