Steve Siegler

Steve Siegler

I have been a Friends member since 2009 and I have recently been elected to President of Friends of MacKenzie. I look forward to new challenges and successes during the coming year. I have always been a fan of the MacKenzie Center from hiking the trails and spending time here. I decided to try my hand at learning how maple … Read More

Don Jackson

Don Jackson

Donald Jackson – I have been a Friends volunteer since 2002. I joined the Friends of MacKenzie because I have always loved nature and the outdoors. Being a Friend allows me to enjoy both! I participate in many ways which is one of the reasons I joined.  You can be involved in as many activities as … Read More

Deb Wearne-Neurhor

Deb Wearne-Neurhor

I joined the Friends of MacKenzie in the early 1990’s and was elected to the Board in 2015. I joined when I realized that the MacKenzie Center had become my “go to” place to take family and friends when they came to visit as well as a favorite of mine for hiking and as a … Read More

Rick Wiegle

Rick Wiegle

I have been active in the Friends of MacKenzie since 2000. I had just started working at MEC after leaving the Fish Hatchery DNR office when I heard this laughing in the Badger den.  I wondered who was having so much fun and it turned out to be the Friends planning the maple program.  I … Read More

Anne Brindley

I became a member after volunteering at the Friends’ Maple Festival and Haunted Hayride events in 2014. I loved the enthusiasm that members and volunteers had for the Center, the events, and the Friends’ mission, and I wanted to support the organization. I’m a member of the Board of Directors, and volunteer at the Maple … Read More

  • Member since 2015

Dan Martinson

I have been a member of the Friends of Mackenzie since 2016 and recently elected to the Board of Friends. I participate at the Center by conducting Maple education tours, working at the Maple Fest, and helping with various maintenance tasks around the property. I would describe myself as an adventurist and spending time at … Read More

Susan Poznanski

This is my third year as a Friends of MacKenzie volunteer and I have recently been elected to the Board of Friends. Living in Poynette for 40 years, I have had many opportunities to visit MacKenzie Center with family and friends. I started volunteering after I had retired and heard that volunteers were needed for … Read More

Ruth Ann Lee

I joined the Friends of MacKenzie shortly after moving to Poynette in the spring of 2006.  My history with the MacKenzie Center and the Friends group over this past decade has been full of varied roles and responsibilities.  As an employee of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation (WWF) I held positions as the MacKenzie Center’s Lead … Read More

John Frank

The Friends of MacKenzie Environmental Center Articles of Incorporation were filed in December, 1978, and I have been a member ever since.  I joined the Friends because it was easy to share the enthusiasm and vision of some of the early members who foresaw the need for educating grade school students on conservation and environmental … Read More

Sue Brockel

My first association with MacKenzie occurred over 50 years ago.  My husband, being a shirt-tail relative of Lydia MacKenzie, was well aware of the facility and we soon spent many Sunday afternoons having a picnic, sledding, or watching the wildlife.  It became the place to go with our children. As a fourth grade teacher, I … Read More

Carl Bujanowski

I have been volunteering at the MacKenzie Center for 7-8 years.  I decided to join the Friends because I enjoy working outdoors and want to help keep the education programs going.  Some of the activities I’ve been involved with are Maple Fest, splitting wood, clearing out invasive species, and building a bridge for one of … Read More